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Naniwa Kuro-Ushi (Osaka-mon)

Jul 28 , Wed , 2021

Outside of Japan, there is a strong image that Wagyu = Kobe beef, but we are proud of the quality and taste that is comparable to Kobe beef  which is Naniwa Kuro-Ushi(another Wagyu brand made in Osaka). In addition,  we have prepared various styles of Naniwa Kuro-Ushi dishes such as Japanese style, Western style, Chinese style, and teppanyaki so that customers from overseas can enjoy Osaka-mon Naniwa Kuro-Ushi in our hotel when they visit Japan again after the Covid-19.

Only 5 cows are shipped every month, and can be appreciated in selected restaurants only. Under our hotel’s Chef supervision, the superb Naniwa kuro-ushi beef will be cooked and provided to people all over Japan.

We are committed to provide 100% female cows fattened at least 30 months, instead of 25 months, which gives them less stress during their fattened process. It’s features are the natural marbled meat, it’s soft meat quality and the light fat part.

We invite you to enjoy the Naniwa Kuro-Ushi beef and seasonal dishes of the Chef of our Hotel Plaza Osaka with a good glass of wine.

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