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The gastronomy of Osaka called “Osaka-mon”

Jul 28 , Wed , 2021

As a joint initiative to promote the so-called Osaka-mon food ingredients produced in Osaka, Hotel Plaza Osaka and Osaka prefecture are holding a series of events.

About Osaka-mon

Known as ‘Japan’s Kitchen’, Osaka has a long history and wide range of local products in every branch of the food industry.
Osaka-mon (‘made in Osaka’) logo will guide you to the best food experiences and souvenirs available in Osaka.

Only known among a narrow circle of connoisseurs, Osaka boasts a very high level of agriculture, forestry and fishery Osaka-mon products.

Osaka’s merchants and citizens have fostered a sophisticated food culture through centuries of prosperity. Osakamon (‘made in Osaka‘) selection was set up for visitors from outside Osaka to experience our food culture with more ease; local manufacturers and restaurants with a long history and/or a truly Osakan concept are certified as Osakamon and permitted to use the logo by Prefecture of Osaka. You will be able to find suitable places to eat as well as souvenirs to buy with Osakamon. Have a nice trip!


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