Rest assured using our facilities
- About precautionary measures against COVID-19 -

Hotel Plaza Osaka thoroughly enforce
to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, and rest assured that we will continue to provide the ‘hospitality’ to our valued guests.

- ‘Hospitality’ assured -

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our everyday life has been getting restricted in many ways.
At Hotel Plaza Osaka prepared for necessary health and safety arrangements, rest assured that we strive to provide the best
[Hospitality] [Flexible response] [A heartwarming experience that exceeds the expectations and far beyond the imagination]
even under the current circumstances.

[About infection prevention measures]

  • Installation of alcohol-based hand sanitizers

    An easy-to-access hand sanitizer is installing at lobby, restaurant, elevator hall on each floor, and the restroom. We appreciate your active use. We appreciate your cooperation to keep all of us safety and wellbeing.

  • Disinfection of common areas

    All high-touch areas such as doors, doorknobs, handrails, and elevator buttons are regularly disinfecting and wiping with alcohol-based disinfectant.

  • Disinfecting of checkout rooms

    The room will be disinfected with hypochlorous acid water spray, and thoroughly wipe down all high-touch surfaces in the guest room such as remote controls and switches with alcohol-based disinfectant. And, the room will be sold to other guests after 72 hours of check out.

  • Enforcement of alcohol-based hand sanitizer and a body temperature check before entry

    The body temperature will be checked by an infrared thermometer when entering the restaurant. If the fever over 37.5 degrees is identified, we have to regretfully deny to enter into the restaurant.

  • Staff’s health check and thoroughly manage hygiene.
    The entire staffs at hotel are wearing face-mask, and gloves are also being worn at restaurant.

    The body temperature of staffs is recoding before the beginning of the work shift, staffs under the weather are requested to stay at home, and staffs are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

  • Acrylic screen barriers are installing at reception and restaurant cashier in order to prevent airborne infection

[Three Measures to Avoid Congestion in Restaurant]

  • We are enforcing to secure social distancing by ensuring a space of two meters or more between tables.
    We are ensuring thorough regular ventilation in the restaurant.
    For the time being, we are refraining from offering the buffet-style menus and serving platter dishes.