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8.13 IROHA SUMMER FESTIVAL (Day.2) -Japanese Tea Ceremony-

Aug 15 , Wed , 2018

8/13(Mon.) Day.2 –Japanese Tea Ceremony

We hold summer festival in IROHA lounge from 12 to 15 August.
Every four days, different events are held.

On 13 August, we did Japanese tea ceremony.

Japanese tea master taught us how to make tea in a traditional way.

<Japanese tea ceremony>

This game is “yoyo-sukui” which is one of the most popular games in Japanese summer festival.

This is “Kakigori” (shaved ice) which is popular Japanese sweets in summer.
You can choose from five syrups (green tea, strawberry, melon, lemon and blue Hawaii)
It would be better if you put condensed milk on syrup!!


★We will hold following events through the rest of days.★

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15 Shodo and sparkler

Please join us !!

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